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A Tiny House Story !

How was the Tiny House movement born?

But first of all, what is a Tiny House? A Tiny House literally means “tiny house”. This very original habitat has its origins in the United States. From 1854 until 1970, it is in the form of experimentation of a simple and marginal way of life that the Tiny House appears. It was not until 1998 that the Tiny House took its current form and became a construction genre in its own right. The financial crisis of 2008 really launched the movement for this minimalist habitat. The Tiny House also has the particularity of being placed on a trailer and can thus be moved. From 2010, the movement goes beyond the North American borders and is born in Europe. However, the European standards and legislation are not the same as in the United States, the architectural movement struggles to make a place and remains marginal.

A Tiny House in the Bernese Jura

A path full of hardships...

Building a Tiny House in your garden is not common and you need to be passionate if you want your Tiny in Switzerland. Indeed, just the authorizations, the building regulations and the norms are enough to discourage even the most enthusiastic. Passion and perseverance were needed to overcome all the obstacles and to reach the final result. I was also able to count on the skills and know-how of some thirty extraordinary artisans who put their heart and soul into this project.