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General terms and conditions of rental


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Rue Neuve 20
2613 Villeret
+41 32 941 49 89
+41 79 692 43 18

Reservation valid as financial commitment.

The Tiny de l’Aigle (also called Tiny d’Amour depending on the case) is located at the same address as the landlady’s, i.e. Rue Neuve 20, 2613 Villeret, canton of Bern.
The keys can be picked up at the landlady’s house, from 2 p.m. or by prior arrangement.
The total amount of the rent must be paid to the landlady’s account before arrival.
In case of late booking, the payment can be made by cash on arrival.


Electricity, heating, water, linen and final cleaning are included in the rent.


Pets are not allowed in the tiny.

Contractual conditions

The rented property must be used exclusively by the persons mentioned on the contract.
Subletting or making the property available to other persons is excluded.

Arrival, handover of the rented property

The rented property shall be handed over to the lessee in an appropriate state of cleanliness and in accordance with the contract. The tenant is obliged to take care of the building and the infrastructure provided. He is obliged to inform the landlady immediately of any damage.
If the tenant is late in taking possession of the property or does not take possession at all, the full rent is due. The landlady is entitled to ask for identification in order to verify the identity of the tenant.

Respect for the rules and the neighbourhood

The tenant commits himself to respect the rules of use of the Tiny (no fire inside, no shoes either) as well as the rules of use of the housing net (no shoes, no jumping, etc…)
Moreover, the tenant is required to show consideration to the neighbors (no noise after 10 pm).

Return of the rented property

The rented property must be returned in good condition and on time, with all the inventory. Final cleaning is included in the rental price; however, the tenant is obliged to clean the kitchen equipment as well as the dishes and cutlery.
The tenant is obliged to compensate the landlady for any damage to the equipment and for any missing inventory items.

Conditions of cancellation

The tenant can cancel the contract under the following conditions:
– Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the reservation date.
– After this period, the total amount is due.